What is rotomoulding? Find out from Francis Ward Contract Moulding

What is rotomoulding?

Rotomoulding (or rotational moulding) is a low pressure process that involves the sintering or casting of plastic powders within a metal mould.

Moulds are biaxially rotated at low rotation speed to produce one piece hollow mouldings.

The principle of the rotational moulding process is relatively simple, which in itself is a key to its success as the process allows the moulder to have close control over part dimensions and properties.

Due to the low pressures involved and the rotation of the powder as it melts and shapes you can achieve containers that have no seams or joints, and effectively no built-in stress.

Click the diagram below to see a demonstration of the rotational moulding process. (Courtesy of BPF.)


Demonstration of the rotational moulding process

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